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Origins and Futures

            Superblush is the folk-rock project of Brooklyn-based musician Huxley Kuhlmann. In collaboration with drummer Noah Boling, bassist Owen Leonard, and guitarist Manuel Bertoni, Superblush creates music that brings the listener into a deep and meditative world. Fleshed out lyrical stories dance through an organic instrumentation, pulling colors from the deep heartland wells of country, rock and folk music to paint something totally new.


          Making its beginnings in the living rooms and basements of the DIY scene in Boston MA, Superblush moved through several lineup changes and styles to arrive at its current resting place. Huxley's work has been inspired by traditional songwriters like Harry Nilsson, Todd Rundgren, Neil Young, and Nick Drake, as well as experimental vocalists like Kate Bush and Scott Walker. Huxley has spent time as an instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer working with a large variety of artists in various settings, from recording studios in Manhattan to the caves of West Virginia.


            Superblush is currently based in New York.

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